Episode 86

Live From Memphis

November 25th, 2017

35 mins 1 sec

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Tyler and Jemar broadcast live and answer the following questions sent in from the audience:

What eschatological hope do you have for the future of multi-ethnic churches?
What would reperational work look like in a city like Memphis?
How can people in the African diaspora who subscribe to Christian teachings honor their ancestry and reconcile the complex historical narrative that includes the introduction of Christianity through oppression (how can you trust the theology of a slaveholder)?
How would you explain the intersection of gender and faith in the midst of the gender revolution?
Racism is a problem within the white church that is avoided and labeled a liberal narrative, thoughts for engaging Christians who are steep in willful ignorance?
What are Tyler’s thoughts on the Black Panther villains? (follow up to the Truth’s Table crossover)
How do you respond to people of color who deny the existence of systemic injustice and white supremacy?
What do you say to a person who says justice is only for heaven?
Asked but not answered: “That Star Wars Trailer Thou!”

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Episode 176
Original Airdate: Oct 23 2017

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